• Mentorship

    To help founders growing their companies and to provide long-term guidance on vision and strategy.

  • The goal of 港創人 FoundersHK is to bridge and connect founders and tech leaders in both Silicon Valley and Hong Kong with the mission to build Hong Kong as the next tech hub of the world. We want amazing founders in Hong Kong to access world-class mentors who are dedicated to helping them grow their companies and providing long-term guidance on vision and strategy.

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    Want to be a Mentor?

    We are honoured that you are interested in supporting us as a mentor. As a mentor, you are a guide, friend and resource who share your startup experience to pave the way for your Hong Kong mentee to succeed at his or her startup and beyond.

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    Are you a founder from Hong Kong and looking for a Mentor?

    FoundersHK is about building your founder network in Silicon Valley. As a mentee, we want you to be the best and SuperMentee (the kind that every mentor loves)