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My Founding Stories - Steven Chan, founder of GoodNotes

Steven has a background in maths and machine learning and has self-taught programming since young. He developed & launched the first version of GoodNotes right out of college, and single-handedly run the business till 2015 when Apple Pencil released.
Since then, GoodNotes becomes the No.1 note taking app globally and has been consistently ranked within top 20 paid app on App Store, and regularly featured by Apple.
GoodNotes is in hyper-growth since 2020, the team has grown 4x to ~80 staffs globally.

In the fireside chat, we will chat with Steven about:
- His unique founding story.
- Challenges for a solo founder during the early days, how he single-handedly bootstrap, go-to-market, etc.
- Key elements for GoodNotes' hyper-growth.
- Challenges to scale and run a globally distributed team.
- Lessons learned.
- And more!