Larry Tsai (CoFounder & Managing Partner at Q Venture)

Larry Tsai (CoFounder & Managing Partner at Q Venture)

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Larry is a senior executive leader with deep hands-on knowledge and 20+ years of experience in working with hardware companies to build and manufacture innovative products from wearables to robotics.  I'm also a VC investor who invests in deep tech and hardware startups that deliver 10x improvements in their domain. 

Larry works with entrepreneurs to help them accelerate their product development and commercialization path from their core technology into value-generating businesses and products.  My broad-spectrum experience gives me a unique vantage point to understand underlying technologies and products in terms of how things work, how to build them, and how to sell them. 

Larry is passionate about the creative and problem-solving process of working with entrepreneurs and startups who are creating the solutions that solve complex problems that will improve our world and lives.