Agnes Li - Senior Growth Manager at GoPay

Agnes Li - Senior Growth Manager at GoPay

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- Growth, market expansion
- South East Asia Market
- B2C Product
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Agnes has spent the past years launching and scaling products in tech companies and start-ups of different life stages, including directly leading teams in Southeast Asia and East Asia. Currently as a Senior Growth Manager at GoPay, she has made an impact in Asia for innovative tech businesses such as GoPay (GoJek), Skyscanner, HSBC’s PayMe, and GOGOX.

Her method led teams focusing on accelerating user growth and business performance in Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, and Indonesia. One of her career highlights was launching and growing HSBC’s PayMe to be the #1 P2P payment app, with 2M+ users in Hong Kong.

After developing a good foundation in growth marketing, She has hands-on experience in product management, market expansion, growth strategy, data analytics and experimentation at scale throughout the user funnel journey.

At heart, she is a big believer in analytical frameworks and crunching data for consumer and business insight to spice up my growth strategies and take the business to the next level.