• FoundersHK

    To connect the tech community in both Silicon Valley and Hong Kong.

  • Introduction

    What we are?

    港創人 is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organisation with the mission to build Hong Kong as the next tech hub of the world.


    港創人 connects the tech community in both Silicon Valley and Hong Kong, made up of entrepreneurs, technology leaders and investors passionate about Hong Kong Tech and innovation, harnessing the power of this unique community to help Hong Kong startups scale and thrive.


    港創人 is an entryway for Hong Kong founders to Silicon Valley and the rest of the world. We put the right people together, and let them make the magic happen. 港創人 is a community where Hong Kong founders can get connected, get support from others, be mentored and learn from each other.

    港創人’s Mission Statement

    • To build a foundation for a vibrant tech startup ecosystem in Hong Kong
    • To build, educate and invest in the future of Hong Kong

    • To build a community to bridge Hong Kong and Silicon Valley tech ecosystems

    In 2020, 港創人 will:

    • Drive awareness of the Hong Kong startups ecosystem using 我的創業故事 My Founding Stories video series and events and promote FoundersHK social media outlets including Facebook, Instagram and email newsletter.
    • Provide entrepreneurship education program to 1000 Hong Kong students and young entrepreneurs

    • Connect with 1000 founders, investors, senior corporate executives in both Hong Kong and Silicon Valley via FoundersHK events


    • 我的創業故事 Video Series - presents the most inspiring Hong Kong founders, investors, and change-makers in both Silicon Valley and Hong Kong. These videos are where the community can learn about their war stories, lessons learned and dos and don’ts.

    • 我的創業故事 Event Series - brings together the most inspiring founders, investors, and change-makers in both Silicon Valley and Hong Kong. These community events are where Hong Kong founders can get connected, get support from others, be mentored and learn from each other.

    • 創業學院 Bootcamp - Partnering with UC Berkeley, this program brings the most experienced founders, product managers and growth experts from Silicon Valley to educate, share and mentor Hong Kong startup community on highly relevant and practical lectures for the next generation of technology leaders (founders, product managers, and growth hackers). Working closely with major universities in Hong Kong, we will bring experienced product managers and growth hackers working at top technology companies including Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and more to Hong Kong entrepreneurs and students.

  • Founders

    Edith Yeung

    Selected by Inc's Magazine as one of the Silicon Valley’s investors, Edith is a general partner at Proof of Capital, China advisor at 500 Startups and founder of the China Internet Report.


    Edith was previously a GM at Dolphin Browser (acquired by Changyou Nasdaq: CYOU), a Sequoia-backed mobile browser with over 150 million installs worldwide. She also worked with many Fortune 500 companies such as Siebel, AMS, AT&T Wireless and Autodesk. She has been featured on CNBC, Wall Street Journal, SCMP, BBC, Bloomberg, CBS, NPR ,etc. Edith is also an early investor in Bitcoin, Nebulas, Stellar, Republic, Libra, etc. Advisor of Dolphin Browser, Castbox, Agora.io and Dekrypt Capital.

    Alfred Chuang

    Recognized by Andreessen Horowitz as the Silicon Valley CEO’s CEO, Alfred Chuang an accomplished entrepreneur, venture investor, and company advisor. Known for being the co-founder of BEA Systems, Alfred became CEO in 2001 and lead BEA Systems to its acquisition by Oracle for $8.6 billion.


    Alfred is also the founder and Chairman at Magnet Systems, a mobile application server software company. Alfred began venture investing in 2008 and over the past decade, his portfolio grew from a handful of small startups to over 100 companies including some of the most iconic Silicon Valley technology companies. Prior to founding BEA, Chuang held many senior executive positions at Sun Microsystems.

    Norma Chu

    With the achievement acquired, Norma was named as China New Media Top 100 people in 2016 and CY Zone’s 2017 Most Notable Female Entrepreneurs and was featured in Apple Store’s Cover Story in November 2018.


    Norma is the founder & CEO of DayDayCook and President of Greater Bay Young Entrepreneurship Association. DayDayCook now is the largest cooking and lifestyle content platform with 80 million active viewers and has 6 experience centers nationwide. Norma has raised over USD 65M in venture funding for DayDayCook from investors including Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneur Fund, K11 Investments, Ironfire Capital, and 500 Startup.


  • Team

    Candy Lee

    Candy is a dedicated and passionate person with years of experience in managing different projects for Senior Management. She is now working as a Community Manager at FoundersHK. Before that, Candy has been working in property development and retail for companies like Carrianna Group Holdings Limited and ToysRUs. Candy has earned a Master's in Operations and Supply Chain Management and a Bachelor's in Applied Psychology at the City University of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, respectively.